Vaneri Studio offers a full range of design services. While our primary focus is on cabinetry, we also provide interior design and drafting services to help with your remodel or renovation.

We offer several tiers of service:


With this level of service, we would come out and measure your existing space, then model the space utilizing our CAD software to produce a set of “as-is” architectural drawings. These are helpful to have for the homeowner to experiment with potential layout or renovation ideas and to give to prospective contractors to help them bid projects. This service is provided at a flat fee which is based upon the size and complexity of the structure. We can also include 3D renderings in the service for a separate fee.


Once we have established the “as-is” drawing of the space, we can move walls around, add windows, and layout cabinetry as needed to fit your project needs. We work closely with you during this phase to produce the vision of what want to see. If you’re going through a contractor, it is valuable to have a set of plans to give them so they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible. Contractors rarely need renderings, but they can be good tools for homeowners to visualize spaces. Getting a permit will require drawings of the proposed space, as well. This service is usually provided at an hourly rate.


Vaneri Studio maintains close relationships with a variety of trades and vendors. Due to this, we are able to recommend tradesmen and contractors as well as spend time with clients to help select various finishes, such as tile, countertops, paint, etc.

Because we are such a small company, we strive to offer fast turn-around and one-on-one service. We typically can turn around as-is drawings within three weeks of a site visit, and larger projects within a month.

Below, you can find a tailored gallery of some of our best design work, ranging from the basic through the advanced tier of services that we offer.